Evoca announces its ESG commitment

Andrea Zocchi, chief executive of Evoca

EVOCA Group, specialist in the production of professional coffee machines, has formalised its purpose and values and initiated a process of transformation towards sustainability.

Andrea Zocchi, chief executive of Evoca, has announced to all employees that a new path in the sustainable evolution of the Group is about to begin.

In the current socio-economic context, marked by profound changes, Evoca has taken the important step of reassessing the purpose of the company and its activities, in relation to its employees and its stakeholders.

This period of reflection has led to the evolution of the Group’s identity and its action plans. Consequently, a sustainable transition project has been initiated, involving environmental, social and governance aspects. The project will be guided and measured according to ESG criteria (Environment, Social, Governance).

Called “The Taste of Sustainability”, the project seeks to identify and promote, internally and externally, each step the Group takes towards improving its sustainability. The overall objective is to generate a concrete culture of sustainability, for both Evoca’s staff and its stakeholders.

For Evoca, “The Taste of Sustainability” represents a long-term commitment, the results of which will emerge progressively and continuously. It will be a vital part of Evoca’s ethos until its evolution towards maximum sustainability is completed.

“We have chosen this name for the project for a simple reason”, Mr Zocchi says.  “We want to connect the exceptional sensory experience that we offer to our consumers every day to the taste, the passion and the commitment with which we continue to carry out our activities. We all want to live in a world in which the environment is respected, in which our actions are based on solid principles and the well-being of the people around us is paramount.”

At the same time as the project was announced, a new corporate purpose was also introduced. It crystalises the aim that guides the Evoca Group:

Great coffee to inspire a better world, anywhere and anytime

“By ‘purpose’, we refer to our desire to guarantee a magnificent sensory experience to every person who tastes a product from one of our machines”, Mr Zocchi says. “We strive to ensure that this experience is consistent, at anytime, anywhere in the world; without forgetting that this commitment must be met with the utmost respect for the environment, for individuals and for society at large, now and in the future.’