EVA report reveals COVID-19 impact on vending and OCS industry

The European Vending and Coffee Service Association (EVA) has published a COVID-19 impact report on vending and the OCS industry indicating significant reductions in turnover with the crisis likely leading to changes in consumption behaviour at vending machines.

The COVID-19 impact report is based on survey responses from both vending operators and suppliers (such as manufacturers, ingredient suppliers, payment solution providers) in 13 European countries to a range of business-related questions in relation to the restrictions in place from March to May.

The report is published as a combined European report of all the responses, as well as seven individual country reports (Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Romania, Spain and the UK) with responses from those markets specifically.

The report findings demonstrate how severe the impact of the COVID-19 restrictions have been on the industry, and provide a forecast for the coming period, including:

• 58% of operators saw a reduction in turnover in April of between 61-99% compared to the same period in 2019.

• 70% of operators consider that the crisis will lead to changes in consumption behaviour at vending machines.

• 60% of suppliers see higher demand for cashless payment.

• Only one in five suppliers expect a growth in turnover by Spring 2021, compared to 2019.

Reponses from the survey also provide an understanding of the specific reasons companies saw a reduction in turnover, the segments of the industry which saw the biggest falls and importantly reveals when and to what degree industry players consider the business will recover throughout different periods in 2020 as well as early next year.

EVA members can get the report free of charge from the EVA secretariat or to buy the report email vending@vending-europe.eu