Effortless coffee machine maintenance planning

Preventative maintenance can offer a range of benefits that can impact the reliability, efficiency and cost-effectives of coffee machines, allowing them to operate flawlessly and continuously, producing drinks of high and consistent quality.

Modern solutions to assist with this allow users to schedule maintenance either after a certain number/cups of dispensed products, a particular time period, a certain level of water consumption, or a set amount of ingredient consumption.

With a centralised tool for scheduling and tracking maintenance works, the planning and allocating of resources is effortless all the while the operator stays informed about ongoing tasks and keeps accurate records of maintenance activities.

This not only offers convenient monitoring of machine maintenance but also forecasts the date of planned upkeep based on chosen criteria. For example, upon choosing to carry out machine maintenance after a certain amount of dispensed cups, the forecast date for the work is automatically generated.

Vendon’s new Preventative Maintenance Solution, integrated into the Vendon Cloud, is an example of such a solution. It takes care of all maintenance work monitoring and ensures automatic management of upcoming, planned, and completed repairs or upkeep of the coffee machines.

“Our team is always striving to develop solutions that provide the most convenient user experience and, at the same time, bring real benefits to our customers. The Preventative Maintenance solution is a tool we were very much looking forward to implementing as it will greatly assist in the daily operations of coffee industry businesses and ease the maintenance and upkeep of the machines”, says Marta Fišere, the product manager at Vendon.