Eden Springs is carbon neutral

Specialist in water solutions, Eden Springs, has been awarded CarbonNeutral company status across the whole of its European business operations, after offsetting its emissions for a second year running.

Thanks to initiatives such as; optimising logistics, the use of hybrid vehicles, reducing paper usage (via MyEden), and reusing bottles up to 50 times, Eden has now offset over 380,000 tonnes of C02 since 2010.

Eden’s green journey began over 10 years ago, when its sustainability programme launched in 10 European markets. Since then, it has continually strived to not only be a CarbonNeutral company, but one that supplies CarbonNeutral products.

Having first achieved CarbonNeutral company status across the whole of its European business operations in 2018 (and in the UK since 2010), Eden offset the remaining unavoidable emissions through the purchase of carbon credits, offering support in projects, such as wind farms. By reducing emissions, the company has now achieved CarbonNeutral company status in all European markets for two years running. All of its European offices and operations have been using 100% renewable electricity since 2016.

Eden carries out a number of internal actions to reduce emissions as part of its ‘Measure, Reduce, Compensate’ ethos:

1.    Measure – Working with Quantis, Eden measure the CO2 emissions that they release into the atmosphere through its activities (data is collected internally by finance and operations departments)
2.    Reduce – Eden aims to reduce CO2 emissions as much as possible by being more efficient in operations (reuse and recycle water bottles, optimise transport routes, reducing paper use etc.)
3.    Compensate – Working with Natural Capital Partners, Eden offset the remaining CO2 emissions by supporting emission reduction projects such as wind farms

Peter Sullivan-Stark, channel development, senior manager at Eden, is thrilled to have received the certification for another year. He said: “Eden is committed to protecting the environment and over the last decade we have been a corporate pioneer in sustainability. We strongly believe that climate change is in everyone’s hands and that we need to act throughour everyday actions.

“As Europe’s leading brand of water and coffee in the workplace, we have always had a philosophy that is committed to the environment. This commitment involves reducing CO2 emissions as much as possible. As part of our CarbonNeutral company status, we purchase the equivalent amount of green power to match our electricity consumption in the form of European Guarantees of Origin (GOs), that certify the origin of our electricity is from a renewable source.

“We continue to challenge ourselves further and have set a goal to have new distribution vehicles powered with greener technologies by 2025, whilst training our distribution teams to drive in a more energy efficient way. Additionally, we partner with our suppliers to further minimise  the environmental impact of our equipment.

“Water is a gift of nature and we firmly believe that to protect it is a key responsibility. We are proud to provide water to our customers in an environmentally friendly mannerand to be Europe’s largest CarbonNeutral water and coffee services company.”

Every activity and every operation at Eden, from employees commute to work, to distribution fleet trucks delivery activity, now has zero impact in terms of CO2 emissions.

All of Eden’s small pack water bottles, cups, new coffee machines and water coolers, are certified CarbonNeutral products, along with the usage of the machines for one year in new customer installations.