Eden Springs brings bubbles to the workplace

cosmetalAs workers across Europe look for healthy alternatives to flavoured and fizzy drinks, Eden Springs has launched its first bottled water cooler in Europe serving mineral water with a built-in carbonation option. Bringing bubbles to the office, this latest innovation allows employers to give staff the choice of still or sparkling mineral water.

The Aquality cooler from Eden Springs is one of the most flexible water cooler options on the market, giving employees a choice of still, sparkling and even hot water, to keep them happy and hydrated. As with all Eden Springs water coolers, it is backed up with ongoing service and hygiene is a top factor. The device features a UV lamp and protected taps to prevent bacterial contamination. It is available in black or white to fit in with the styling of any office.

Offering quality water in the office is not just a welcome benefit for employees, it is also a useful tool in keeping the workforce healthy and alert. Research shows that just over 10% of office workers drink enough water every day and just a 1 to 2% drop in hydration levels can reduce cognitive and physical performance levels by up to 10%.

Raanan Zilberman, CEO at Eden Springs, commented: “Increasingly, sparkling water is a lifestyle choice for many outside the office for health and well-being. The new Aquality from Eden allows employees to enjoy the health benefits of mineral water, whether still or sparkling, from a bottled water cooler while at work. It’s an exciting development and Eden will continue to innovate and expand our product offering to ensure we meet customer demands.”

The Aquality cooler will be rolled out across Europe starting in October in Germany, Poland, Denmark, Norway and Sweden.