Ecoboiler range – now with three model options

Leading beverage equipment innovator and manufacturer, Marco Beverage Systems, has finalised its Ecoboiler range of eco-friendly water boilers, which now comprises three different models. The original Ecoboiler, launched three years ago, has become the benchmark in the industry for environmentally aware and costconscious caterers. Originally available in pushbutton and tap models, it has since been joined by a wall-mounted version and most recently, by the Ecosmart, a variable temperature boiler for brewing speciality teas and coffees at the correct temperature. The energy efficient features that made the Ecoboiler so popular in the first place are now also to be found in these other two models.

Says Chris York, Sales Director of Marco in the UK: “Marco has led the way in changing the way the market thinks about water boilers. It no longer makes sense to buy cheap, because that inevitably means additional running costs over the long term. Today, less than three years after their first introduction, almost all our atmospheric water boiler sales are Ecoboilers – and that is good for both the environment and the wallet.”