EAO steps in time with SANMOTION

EAO Ltd, market leading Switch Manufacturer and UK representative of Sanyo Denki offers the space-efficient, lightweight SANMOTION F Series of Stepper Motors with Internal Drivers.
The integration into a single unit of a driver incorporating motion control function with a two phase 0.9° stepping motor, delivers benefits including reduced and simplified wiring together with easy, compact installation.

Microstep driver technology delivers ultra-smooth, high-resolution motion for high precision measurement tasks. A selection function matches a choice of operation modes to a specific application. These include:

  • Control by command pulses
  • Program control by general-purpose I/O with up to 16 resolution types
  • Controls by serial communication

For more information please tel: +44/1444 236000, email: veronika.graw@eao.com or visit website: www.eao.com.