Descaler powder sachets pack power and convenience

Bioguard BIO 040 Descaler Powder now available in handy packs of single-use 50g sachets from Abbeychart is an effective food-safe product that simplifies removing scale deposits from water drinks dispenser boilers, pipes and components.

Biodegradable and also safer for the environment as it uses naturally occurring citric acids with no harsh ‘pickling’ acids, the powder’s regular use will prevent high maintenance and energy costs by ensuring scale-free systems. Equipment is fully protected by application when a weekly visual check indicates scale build-up.

User-friendly packaging ensures application convenience and the powder also comes in larger packs for high volume systems and workshop use. A single-use sachet is just emptied in a boiler containing hot water up to 70°C and left to soak for 5-15 minutes. When its ‘fizzing’ effect stops, the system is flushed through with warm water and is ready for use again.