Deposit return schemes – the latest

Deposit return schemes are on the cards across the home countries, but where do things stand right now? The Vending and Automated Retail Association (AVA) has the latest.

Scotland continues to drive towards their implementation date of 16 August 2023. Whether you are a manufacturer, wholesaler, or vending operator you will be charging an additional 20p per container for PET, cans and any glass bottles and paying an extra 20p when buying the product. Details can be found in the AVA summary HERE.

One of the key ‘wins’ from discussions with Zero Waste Scotland is that vending machines will not be legally required to provide a return point or rebate system for ‘in scope’ container.

Further details of the scheme, how it will work and who is affected can be found on the Circularity Scotland website:

Circularity Scotland are holding a two-day exhibition and conference on 22 – 23 November in Glasgow for all those wanting to find out more about the scheme. Keep an eye on their website for details.

England & Northern Ireland: After making our initial submissions to the Defra consultation 18 months ago, the Ministry has recently issued a statement that the next stage will take place ‘before the end of 2022’.

Wales is currently trialling a kerbside digital deposit return scheme which has boasted a 97% ‘engagement score’. This requires a unique QR code on each bottle or can – meaning yet more SKUs for those trading across the border.

Eire: The legislation is in place and a DRSI scheme for a 10c deposit on plastic bottles and aluminium cans is expected to be in place for registration this month and implementation during 2023: – Regulations signed for a Deposit Return Scheme for plastic bottles and aluminium cans (