Decorum Vending joins WISE

Members of the WISE Vending Group have announced that Decorum Vending has agreed to join the Group, with immediate effect. Graham Kingaby met with managing director, Declan Sewell to finalise the move, in London.

Mr Kingaby said: “We are thrilled that Decorum are joining us. They are a super professional business and Declan and his team have a very dynamic and successful approach to the whole concept of Vending in the 21st Century. We believe that the combination of, ‘experience in depth’, of our existing members and the exciting ideas and innovation behind the alternative model that Decorum have, will enable all of us to develop and grow in all aspects of our businesses in the years ahead.”

Mr Sewell said: “We are thrilled to announce our partnership with the WISE group, a team of highly skilled and innovative professionals in the industry.

At Decorum, we are committed to continual improvement and growth as a business. We believe that our newfound membership with the WISE group will bolster our journey towards greater efficiency and success in our operations.

We are excited to collaborate with such a dynamic and forward-thinking group of peers, and we look forward to sharing our collective knowledge and making meaningful contributions to the group.”

The WISE Vending Group are one of the UK’s leading vending organisations, with branches throughout Wales, Ireland, Scotland and England.