Data logging helps vending to stay reliable

Visitors to AVEX 2007 have been able to see the importance of temperature monitoring for quality controls in the vending industry. The most important thing to any business in the vending industry is the safety of the food that they sell. Food Safety Regulations are naturally extremely specific and precise, and demonstrating the validity of food storage is vital to both manufacturers and suppliers to vending machines, as both are held accountable to the local Environmental Health Department.
For the vending industry, this is an extremely sensitive issue as the reliability of the machinery storing the food is key to how long the food stays fresh. However, where vending machines are located, they are only visited periodically for maintenance and restocking and if something has gone wrong in between, how is the source of the problem to be found?

Gemini Data Loggers, producers of Tinytag temperature loggers has the solution to this problem, by providing robust data loggers that can be located within the vending machine, constantly monitoring the temperature of the equipment and stock inside. For full information on the wide range of wired and wireless data logging solutions, please contact Gemini Data Loggers on 01243 813 000 or email