Crem unveils fully automatic coffee machine CL22

Crem International has launched the latest addition to its professional coffee machine portfolio, the Spengler CL22.

TheSpengler CL22 features anintuitive 15” touch screen interface that focuses on the user by allowing them to customise their own drinks, as well as choose from a variety of coffee favourites.

Backed up by Crem’s patented brewing technologies, the Spengler CL22 is said to be as smart as it is easy to use, thanks to its automatic mechanism. Allowing coffee quality to be further enhanced, theSpengler CL22 comescomplete with two separate brewing systems: brewing and espresso. By adding these systems together along with two coffee grinders and a choice of two beans, operators are able to offer an enhanced cof­fee experience at the touch of the screen.

The filter coffee brewer is completely customisable, to allow the flavour profile of the coffee roast to be maximised. The brewer settings also allow for brewing strength and total in-cup volume adjust­ment – with a maximum coffee dose of up to 14g per cup.

The Spengler CL22 espresso system utilises the same method­ology as a traditional espresso machine, but combines it with proprietary technology to provide a barista-quali­ty espresso.

With the Spengler CL22, operators can also easily manage and control the machine’s hardware, stats, cleaning, maintenance and alerts. All settings are designed to allow the machine to be adapted to the location and user. Operators can also match the in­terface’s appearance to your decor or graphic profile.

For nearly a century, Crem International has been developing, manufacturing and marketing coffee machines for a whole host of venues from offices, coffee shops, cafés, restaurants, catering, convenience stores and more, but now with The Spengler CL22, operators can achieve this in a whole new way.