Crane Payment Solutions look to the future at Venditalia

At Venditalia 2012, Crane Payment Solutions joined the vending industry in looking forward, as they showcased their innovative solutions for interactive cashless paying via mobile phones: the new NFC cashless payment system and the new barcode reader for vending machines. Both technologies were well received at an exhibition where new payment methods were high on the agenda for everyone.

Dr. Klaus Wurster, general manger at Crane Payment Systems commented on the success of the show: “Venditalia was once again one of the highlights of our year. At Crane Payment Solutions we are not only always looking to the future of our business, but to the future of our customers’ businesses too. VendItalia allowed us to speak with customers face to face and ensure we understood their requirements.”

The key feature of the outstanding NFC system is the flexible payment method via mobile phones, keys, cards or tags. With a fresh styling to direct users to the vending machine, the NFC System is available either as a standalone cashless version or can be integrated simply into the coin changer. Furthermore, the system can be easily retrofitted to existing machines, which means nothing has to be changed in the machine.

Another complete new vending solution presented on Crane Payment Solution’s booth was the barcode reader. This reader identifies users in front of the vending machine with the help of a QR Code on a mobile phone. The reading of the barcode enables economic loyalty programs to considerably improve user – operator relationship. Users’ profiles are evaluated in order to offer specific advantages and relevant promotions, creating an interactive payment experience for the end user. The barcode reader can be easily installed in new machines. Existing machines can be easily retrofitted.

Dr Wurster added: “These are exciting times in the vending industry as new payment methods are being introduced. Operators are looking for ways to save costs and end-users are looking for increased satisfaction at the vending machine. We’ve always prided ourselves at providing cutting-edge, innovative solutions and whether that’s cash handling or cashless payments that continues to be the case.”

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