Connected Molecules changes its name to SmartNow

Connected Molecules, the Dutch company behind the international software platform for self-service machines, is being renamed to SmartNow. The new name marks a new phase for the company in which the focus will be completely on creating smarter and data-driven management of self-service machines.

Self-service is more relevant than ever. We all deal with it on a daily basis. Whether you buy a coffee at the train station, go to the toilet at a fuel station or have your car washed at a car wash: there is a good chance that you regularly use SmartNow technology.

The demand for self-service has increased, especially in the past two years said chief executive Duke Prins. “Due to the Covid pandemic, companies are investing more in contactless payments with their self-service devices, so that less cash needs to be handled. In addition, with the current staff shortages, we see that self-service and the use of machine data are a necessity for many companies. SmartNow is the partner that enables you to obtain maximum return, control and efficiency from self-service machines now and to also be ready for the future.” says chief executive Duke Prins.

The main reason for the new name is the fact that the company has changed significantly since it started as a software pioneer and transformed into an international player in the market for smart connectivity. Mr Prins said: “Thousands of people and companies across Europe rely on our services every day. Changing your name has a significant impact, but we are convinced that the new name better reflects who we are and what we do every day: making self-service machines smart.”

Apart from the name and the look and feel nothing else changes: the product, the services and the team remain the same. The company continues with the strategy of international growth and innovation, and quality and service remain as before.