BWCA turns its attention to hot beverages

BWCAThe British Water Cooler Association, the BWCA, has issued its members with boiler guidelines to ensure best practice for water boilers as well as coolers. This reflects the fact that a number of members are now installing and maintaining hot water machinery. The guidelines are available only to BWCA Members.

Ever keen to follow the needs of the market as it matures, the BWCA is also this year for the first time introducing the topic of coffee into the 2016 BWCA Trade Show. Coffee is also on the agenda in the seminar programme which runs in tandem with the Show.

The event will be held on the afternoon of 17 March at the Nottingham Belfry and follows the BWCA’s annual conference, held in the morning at the same venue.

BWCA general manager Phillipa Atkinson-Clow said: “Coolers of course remain the backbone of our industry and of our members’ businesses but we are keen to support those who are exploring the hot beverage market too by ensuring that the same high standards are maintained for boilers as there are for coolers.”