Boom in pods and capsules

Coffee pods and capsules have recently become one of the most lucrative industries in the food and beverage realm according to research analysis specialist, Research and Markets.

Coffee capsules are single-serve vacuum-packed capsules that require a suitable machine to use.

Recent reports reveal that coffee consumption is increasing among health-conscious consumers and this is why manufacturers are introducing new and novel formulations to the market, such as coffee capsules.

Demand for caffeine beverage intake is often boosted by recent consumer behaviour trends. It is also believed that caffeine improves athletic performance by boosting metabolism, fatty acid oxidation, and mobilizes fatty acids from fat cells.

Decaf has also become more popular among health-conscious customers and on the back of these factors, the demand in the market is expected to surge over the next five years.

One of the latest trends for companies in the coffee pods and capsules market is to use bioplastics and bio-degradable materials for making coffee capsules instead of using aluminium and plastic and this is fuelling market expansion.

The European market is dominating the coffee capsules and pods market, supported by the popularity of coffee pod machines in significant markets such as Germany.