Bon Appetit vending machines installed in NHS hospitals

bon appetit (1)Bon Appetit’s hot food vending service is currently being used to feed staff and visitors in over 20 NHS hospitals.

Hot food vending can provide an ideal solution to reducing the cost of hospital catering, as well as extending operation to a 24 hour service. The Bon Appetit service typically provides a 90% plus saving on the cost of a conventional canteen, and in addition, it is available to staff and visitors at any time of the day or night. Offering high quality hot food that is quick to prepare, the Bon Appetit menu offers a choice of 44 products, including filling and healthy favourites such as tuna pasta bake, chicken tikka masala, and Weightwatchers meals.

A recent installation has been at Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children. Robert Williams, GOSH facilities manager at the time, commented that the service was “well received by both visitors and staff, and has satisfied a key need of ours in a most cost-effective way.”

Bon Appetit have also recently extended their service to the retail market. “We have been successfully trialling our service with the retail market, where the footfall is much higher and changes daily,” says Bon Appetit founder Keith Pordum. This is for sites such as hotels, leisure centres and transport hubs. The machine we use for this service is the Fastcorp Z400 – although it can only offer a smaller range of food, it can accommodate much greater depth of stock to cater for the higher demand. Plans are in place to roll this out nationally.”