Becktech now recycling BRITA cartridges

In a move to promote sustainability, vending machine component supplier Becktech has launched a BRITA Professional Filter recycling hub at its head qua in Chichester.

BRITA is a company that has always been focused on reducing its waste and environmental impact. In 1992, it became the first company in its industry to establish a recycling programme for used cartridges. Today, a refined in-house process separates the ion exchange resin from the activated carbon so it can be re-used. The plastic is broken down and repurposed for use in other industries.

Regardless of whether you are a Becktech customer or not, you can now visit Becktech’s headquarters to drop off your BRITA Professional cartridges and do your part to reduce your environmental impact.

“Working with sustainable suppliers is hugely important to us and has helped us achieve our ISO14001 accreditation. We’re delighted to be able to facilitate the recycling of BRITA Professional filter cartridges at Becktech HQ and help our customers to reduce waste and fuel the circular economy.” Rob Webb, managing director Becktech.

“At BRITA, we have made a series of commitments to sustainability and the environment. We are proud to work with partners that support our pledge to reduce, reuse and recycle as much of what we produce as possible.” Steve Buckmaster, director of sales UK, BRITA Professional.