Barry Callebaut cuts corporate carbon footprint by 8.1 per cent

Barry Callebaut has announced that its carbon reduction efforts in the fiscal year 2019/20 have resulted in a –8.1% reduction of corporate carbon footprint, from 8.5 million tonnes to 7.8 million tonnes CO2e (carbon equivalents).

These achievements are highlighted in the group’s just launched Forever Chocolate Progress Report 2019/20 – the fourth report since the launch of Forever Chocolate in 2016 which has a goal of making sustainable chocolate the norm by 2025.

Some of the report highlights include:

• Mapping 181,861 farms on geographic and socio-economic data
• Training 94,946 cocoa farmers on child labor awareness
• Distributing over 2.0 million cocoa seedlings and over 1.6 million shade trees
• Sourcing 61% of our non-cocoa ingredients from sustainable sources
• Global gourmet brands, Callebaut, Cacao Barry and Carma have successfully implemented a 100% sustainable cocoa supply chain.