AVA to work with DEFRA

The Automatic Vending Association met with Alex Hattersley, a policy advisor in energy and transport at HM Treasury and Silas Gedner, an advisor for the policy group at DEFRA, to discuss paper cups and plastic in vending this week.

The AVA Environment Committee took the opportunity to showcase the steps already taken in collection and recycling within vending circles. A range of cup collection and recycling activities have already taking place, with Brodericks and Excel Vending providing examples.

Representing the AVA Environment Committee, Adrian Pratt, said he believed HM Treasury and DEFRA now recognised the complexity of the vending market and how it differed from the high street.

Vending companies have been asked to join the ‘War On Waste’ even despite added pressure and costs as “there will be a bigger cost if we don’t actively manage it,” Adrian warned.

The AVA Environmental Committee took the opportunity to highlight the differences between the vending industry and the high street. This led to some clarity for both The Treasury and DEFRA in understanding the disproportionate impact a tax or ‘latte levy’ could have on the industry.

The committee has been invited to return to The Treasury again for the publication of consultation documents linked to DEFRA’s waste strategy.

AVA chief executive David Llewellyn said: “It was a very positive meeting with contributions from all sides”.