AVA plans ahead with independent review of AVEX 2015


The AVA has now collated all responses to its AVEX 2015 survey, which invited exhibitors and visitors at this year’s show to openly share their feedback on all aspects of the event.

To ensure all data has been fairly and accurately captured, the AVA has commissioned an independent review of the results which will ensure a credible, subjective approach during analysis. Information gathered, combined with insights from the previous AVEX 2013 survey, promise to be pivotal in shaping the next event.

And in a bid to ensure that the UK’s largest vending exhibition remains a must-attend event, the AVA is pleased to announce it will also be extending its exhibition review committee, inviting key members of the industry to join. The new dedicated review committee will result in a boost in skills, ideas and experience, which, combined with all of the survey feedback gathered to date, will be central to determining the format of future events.

The AVA is planning to match its newly strengthened review committee with another dedicated PR and marketing push for the next big event to ensure maximum results. In the run up to AVEX 2015, over 100 pieces of editorial or adverts about AVEX 2015 appeared in both vending and related sector publications (including HORECA, FM, Food and Drink) over a 12 month period. Additionally weekly e-shots were sent to the AVA’s extensive vending industry database. It also worked directly with Facilities Show 2015 to distribute promotional material directly to exhibitors and attendees about AVEX 2015.


The show’s length, marketing and registration process: majority of respondents said this was Good to ExcellentA summary of some of the key findings from the AVEX 2015 survey that the committee will be addressing as part of this process are:

  1. Parking, hotel costs, plus travelling to Manchester were common considerations for many of our respondents
  2. AVEX app – only 10 per cent of respondents downloaded the app, we will be assessing if this is a tool we use in future
  3. The seminars were not particularly well attended – we’ll be looking at this in more detail to explore why

Tony Smith, AVEX Committee spokesperson, said: “We are really excited about teaming our strong PR and marketing effort with an even stronger review committee to help ensure the next event both attracts crowds and meets the needs of our industry more closely than ever before. What’s been clear throughout this process is that we all share a central goal – to make the next event in 2017 as beneficial, profitable and enjoyable as possible – and we are grateful to everyone who has shared their feedback and enthusiasm for this so far.”

Those interested in being on the new committee team for upcoming AVA exhibitions should contact exhibition manager Rosie Mills on 08448 425 286 or call rosie@ava-vending.co.uk