AVA offers guidance to members on new carbon footprint requirements

AVA chief executive David Llewellyn

With businesses increasingly required to understand the impact of their carbon emissions, the AVA (The Vending & Automated Retail Association) is encouraging members to be prepared by offering support to help them identify their own credentials.

With the COP26 summit in November acting as a catalyst for further climate change action, businesses will be tasked with measuring the amount of carbon dioxide for which they are responsible, with these measurements divided into three categories, or ‘scopes’.

Scope 1 emissions are direct greenhouse gas emissions (generally carbon dioxide or methane) that occur from sources that are controlled or owned by the company; scope 2 emissions are indirect greenhouse gas emissions associated with the purchase of electricity, heat, or cooling and scope 3 emissions include all sources not within the company’s scope.

Whilst companies are likely to have the data needed to calculate their scope 1 and 2 emissions from utility invoices and bills for petrol, operators should expect to receive requests from customers for their own carbon footprint information, allowing them to fulfil scope 3 requirements.

To support members through this process, the AVA is now able to provide figures for converting energy consumed to carbon dioxide emitted and is currently developing guidance for the calculation of scope 3 emissions. This will enable operators to understand their carbon footprint and provide relevant information to customers.

Chief executive of the AVA, David Llewellyn, said: “The AVA first issued Energy Use and Carbon Guidance in 2007 but the world has moved on significantly since then and as the trade body for the industry, we are committed to moving with it. With increased focus around COP26, our aim is to guide our members through the process and enable operators to address any client questions or concerns.

“Whilst we develop guidance for the calculation of scope 3 emissions, we are encouraging operators to identify their scope 1 and 2 emissions as soon as is viable, as this represents a good start to both reducing them and being able to provide information to those clients who ask.

“Our industry has already shown its agility and enthusiasm to move with the times and climate change is another area in which we are there to support members. As such, we encourage operators who are unsure about their carbon footprint requirements to get in touch so we can make this transition as smooth as possible.”
Operators can find out more by visiting the AVA at Stand 45 at VENDEX NORTH on November 10, or via its website at https://www.the-ava.com/.