AVA Live – On the Road

Logistics specialist RBC Group will be hosting the next AVA Live – On the Road event at its Old Dalby offices in Leicestershire on November 20.

On the agenda will be the following:

  • Scotland and Wales want to introduce a 25p cup levy. Is England next? What action can you take?
  • The Deposit Return Scheme will add 20p to the vend price of a bottle. What are the Defra proposals for England, Wales and Northern Ireland? What will the DRS for Scotland look like?
  • What other legislation does the Government have in store for us and what steps you can take to stop/delay or offset the impact.
  • The Department for Health & Social Care has proposed a ban on sales of energy drinks – only though vending machines – in the effort to restrict sales to under 16s. What will be the impact on your business?