AVA Futures: preparing the next generation

The AVA has announced a new committee which aims to engage the the next generation of the vending industry, providing a platform to openly discuss key concepts and ideas within vending, whilst learning from successful people and established businesses.

The committee will be led by AVA marketing and communications executive Kennedy Procter who said: “I am so grateful for the help I have received in the development of this project. I am incredibly committed to AVA Futures and I believe, as someone of the ‘next generation’, we have a great opportunity to shape our industry’s future by learning from our current leaders”.

The idea of the group is to provide a network amongst those within the industry, who may otherwise not get the opportunity to meet. AVA Futures will predominately run online, giving its members exclusive access to social media pages and the option to take part in a monthly conference call, updating volunteers on the latest trends, lobbying activity and the progress of any projects the group decides to take on.

The group will work on a volunteer basis with member commitments ranging between four and 24 hours per year.

AVA Futures will work towards projects that lead the way in industry initiatives such as the rise of micro markets, the inevitability of a cashless society and other future challenges raised by members themselves. It is the AVA’s hope that by June 2020, AVA Futures will have a representative sitting on the AVA Board.

AVA Futures is exclusive to AVA members but and it is encouraging all members to consider being a part of this group, in one way or another.

There is no age limit to qualify but employees considered to be The Next Generation within their organisation, will find the most benefit from the group.

Volunteers will be expected to dedicate a minimum of four hours per year to projects run by AVA Futures, but they will also have the opportunity to attend one to two meetings throughout the year.

AVA chief executive David Llewellyn said: “For Vending Operators and Suppliers as the AVA Futures network grows, it will be an ideal way to advance the skills and knowledge base of the ‘next generation’ of personnel within an organisation.

“We are incredibly excited to launch such a needed project and we hope to find more support from our members.