AVA Futures invites you

After a successful meeting in January, AVA Futures has decided that its next meeting, scheduled to be held on Monday 20thApril, will be “open to all” – irrespective of age, gender or experience.

Kennedy Procter

The group will be chaired by Elyas Coutts, Connect Vending, and a committee, currently consisting of five individuals from different AVA member companies, who will help run and organise events including the continuing work carried out by AVA Futures.

AVA Futures has gathered information together from supplier members and the knowledge of experts from within the vending Industry to bring to AVA Members its first “Educational Networking Day”.

Kennedy Procter from the AVA and founder of AVA Futures said: “Through the hard work and dedication of its members, AVA Futures have been able to get a muchbetter understanding of cashless payments including legislation, protocols and data found in the industry currently. It became apparent from our first meeting that as a group, we all had varying levels of knowledge and information. A steering group volunteered their time and after plenty of research, AVA Futures believes the best way to tackle the future impact of cashless payments in the vending industry, is to share this knowledge with all AVA members.”

AVA Futures has created an event, sponsored by 365 Retail Markets, which will help guests understand the role of alternative payment solutions. The event will consist of workshops and seminar style talks on topics surrounding payment legislation and the future effects this may have on vending as an industry.

It will bring together leading payment suppliers to share their knowledge and answer any questions attendees may have. Each supplier will run a different workshop on various topics; The topics you can expect to see will include:

Legislation brought to you by Worldline

Data & Consumer presented by Payter

Convenience as told by VMC

PSDv2 explained by Nayax

More details on each of these topics can be found on the AVA website.

Elyas Coutts, Connect Vending

Elyas Coutts, managing director at Connect Vending and AVA Futures Chair said: “The AVA Futures is a vibrant group that aims to explore, educate and engage its participants and all AVA members across a variety of topics that concern both the challenges and opportunities of our ever-changing industry.


Critically the AVA Futures wants to achieve this through providing numerous networking and engagement platforms that ultimately encourage participation and debate across the industry.

The AVA Futures welcomes organisations and individuals from across the industry to get involved in debate and discussion over the coming year. Let’s think today about a more prosperous tomorrow!”

The event is free to AVA members, and £65 for non-members.