Aimia launches lunch pots

The demand for quality, flavoursome food led to the development of the new Dolmio and Uncle Ben’s Lunch Pots from Aimia Foods,

285g Lunch Pot Tomato & Basil

285g Lunch Pot Tomato & Basil

which are designed to be a lunchtime choice for consumers who want a nutritious meal, which they can heat in just 90 seconds.

For operators with customers who want quality, tasty meals that they can grab and go, Dolmio and Uncle Ben’s ‘Lunch Pots’ are a great solution. Each of ready meals are aimed at satisfying the need to supply consumers with food on the move, and are now set to launch in UK foodservice.

Inspired by cuisines from around the world, Dolmio and Uncle Ben’s Lunch Pots are available in four flavours – Uncle Ben’s ‘Mexican Bean Chilli’ and ‘Vegetable Curry’; or Dolmio ‘Beef Bolognese’ and ‘Tomato & Basil Fusilli’. Each variety provides a light, wholesome meal comprised of either steamed rice or pasta, with a sauce and vegetables.

Free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives, each of the Dolmio and Uncle Ben’s Lunch Pots is contains enough vegetables to provide one of the recommended five-a-day. Furthermore, the foodservice Lunch Pots are low in fat and comply with the Public Health Responsibility Deal 2017 salt targets. Each Lunch Pot contains fewer than 350 calories.