Add your voice to Defra consultation

AVA chief executive David Llewellyn

The Automatic Vending Association has reminded its members that they have until Sunday to respond to a Defra consultation on Consistency in Household and Business Recycling in England.

Chief executive David Llewellyn said while members had already responded to Parts 1 and 2 of this series of consultations – this is the final, Part 3.

He added, while AVA will be responding on members’ behalf, to get the Government’s attention “we need as many individual voices as we can muster to be raised”.

Members can follow the step-by-step  guide on the link below in order to make sure that vending’s voice is heard.

Mr Llewellyn said: “This is not just for you, not just for operators and their teams, it is for every colleague and employee of every member of the AVA, every individual or team member. Whether you are an operator, machine manufacturer, product supplier or service provider – please follow the links and respond.”