A ‘sweet incentive’ from California Raisins

With sugar prices on the increase due to the drought and flood damage brought about by the Niña weather event, the subsequent heavier rain in parts of Asia and drier weather to Argentina and Brazil are about to take their toll and impact on the export of sugar from countries like Australia.

Queensland Sugar, Australia’s largest shipper, cut its shipment forecast on the wet weather, saying nationwide exports may slump by as much as 20 percent.

Everyone is trying to cut costs currently without losing the quality of the produce they supply and in light of the likely increase in the cost of sugar, due to the impact of unpredictable weather, it would be wise to seek alternative ways of adding sweetness to your product.

California Raisins are an ideal way of adding a natural sweetness to many products whilst also boasting the health benefits of added fibre and slow release sugars.

Perhaps now is a good time to consider adding California Raisins to your food products and add a ‘sweet incentive’ that doesn’t cost the earth.