A snack for every part of the day

With vending providing the ultimate convenience by offering a 24/7 service, Food to Go is certainly a growing opportunity within the sector and offering a variety to meet consumer needs throughout the day could drive sales.

Susan Nash, trade communications manager at Mondelēz International says: We are seeing consumers looking for a range of snacks, with a trend, amongst some consumers, of replacing meals with snacks as they return to pre-pandemic activity and take advantage of being out and aboutmore frequently.

A vending on-the-go range has many possibilities, with drinks vending and snack dispense units offering a number of solutions for the on-the-go consumer. The key is to offer a range that suits the consumer frequenting the facility, and one that meets their needs at all times of day that the system is in use.

The ability to offer drinks and snacks together has the potential to help drive value and usage, with many consumers looking for a drink and consequently deciding to trade up to a drink and snack, for instance.

Offering a range of drinks and snacks for each part of the day that the vending system is in service will also help drive usage and sales. Having specific morningbased snacks like Belvita Breakfast biscuits as well as biscuits for elevenses and sweet snacks for that afternoontreat will help ensure different consumption needs are met through the day.

A focus on lifestyle, consumer profiling and location is also important to tap into more specific sectors such as the opportunity for protein bars and drinks, like those offered by the brand Grenade.

To meet a range of needs, retailers should focus on best sellers and consider stocking award winning vendable products. At the appropriate time of the year, there may be an opportunity to add some fun and inspiration to the range with the addition of seasonal lines.

To tap into these occasions, retailers could consider adding key products such as Mini Egg bags to their vending range – specifically from January to the Easter weekend, to create some extra interest and excitement.