A new food & coffee experience 

Coffee machine specialist Rhea took part in the seventh edition of Varese Design Week, in Italy, showing its commitment to design, quality, innovation and sustainability. Highlights on the stand included a gumball machine and Rhea’s futuristic AI operated Monolite.

“Evergreen, the design of yesterday and tomorrow” was the theme of the exhibition in which Rhea participated. The firm created a coffee corner inside the space featuring the coffee machine rhTT1 for the guests to taste coffee while offering them the chance to imagine, through videos and photographs, how Rhea’s solutions can be customised for offices, co-working spaces, co-living spaces, wellness centers or retail, including the most exclusive boutiques.

“The world of design plays an important role now more than ever in redesigning and transforming our lifestyles, while respecting the environment and the people. For Rhea, design has always been a commitment and a daily responsibility that we apply to the realization of our solutions,” commented Andrea Pozzolini, chief executive of Rhea

Thanks to the long-standing collaboration with food designer Paolo Barichella, visitors were also able to enjoy a gourmet experience by tasting and preparing some of the recipes created by Barichella. Aperitifs and dishes selected from a Rhea automatic machine were prepared in just a few steps.

This ranged from a deconstructed Aperol spritz, to a risotto, to a panettone in a glass. This is considered to be an easily replicable quality gourmet experience for a new food & drink concept of hospitality.