4 Aces unveils ‘tidy’ solution for table top market

4 Aces has launched its latest product, tailored specifically for the burgeoning table top, vending market – the white, fliptop cup dispenser.

Designed to counter mess and hygiene issues when cups are left loose and scattered around the machines, the fliptop cup dispenser keeps cups tidy, dispensing them one by one, without fuss or danger of cross-contamination.

The dispenser is inspired by the packaging provider’s offering to the water cooler market and allows for a range of sizes of cups to be dispensed, making it an ideal product to have to hand when vending hot beverages.

Besides points of hygiene, sanitation and general tidiness, cup dispensers can be of great benefit to the environment as, by controlling the amount of cups dispensed, they alleviate a lot of waste – environmentally and economically.

Managing director of 4 Aces, Chris Penn, said: “Part of our remit, at 4 Aces, is to plug any gaps in the market and to effectively deliver what the customer needs.

“We recognised that, when it comes to table top vending, cups aren’t always dispensed of properly; they’re often left scattered near the machines and can be discarded without having been used for their intended purpose – which means that there are further costs incurred to replace those cups and unnecessary waste issues involved for the operator too.

“The white fliptop cup dispenser acknowledges and answers all those problems instantaneously. It’s fast and efficient, with a strong, simple mechanism that eliminates multiple cup drop outs, and it can be attached to any surface or wall for ease of use.”

The dispenser is expected to be picked up by workplace suppliers, along with other table top distributors, who have customers who prioritise neat and tidy, germ-free environments. It comes in a box of 12, complete with screws and brackets.