4 Aces supports Snowshock product launch

4acesSnowshock4 Aces has extended its regular supply to Snowshock to include 9oz, unbranded PET tubs as the quality iced products manufacturer prepares, for the very first time, to introduce an ice-cream offering to its target market.

4 Aces currently supplies Snowshock with approximately one million branded PET cups each year for flavoured slush drinks, along with a selection of clear 300 ml and 440 ml cups, which are used in conjunction with the company’s Frappino iced coffee and chocolate drinks.

Peter Campbell, managing director of Snowshock explains: “We are constantly looking for ways to exceed customer expectation and the introduction of an ice-cream takes our current offering to a whole new level. With 4 Aces help we have been able to source the best packaging to complement this product rather than settle for ‘off the shelf’ tubs, which makes a huge difference when you are supplying a new product and you have one chance to get the launch right. 4 Aces sends us the cups as and when we need them, storing them on our behalf, so we aren’t over-whelmed by stock.”

Managing director of 4 Aces, Chris Penn added: “Our aim has always been to see beyond the basic supply of the product and look at what more we can do to help our customers and this includes, when necessary, the holding of stock.”