4 Aces launches paper straw

4 Aces has launched a selection of biodegradable paper straws to enable its customers to adopt a more environmentally-friendly approach and to offer the end-user, their customer, an alternative solution to the paper straws currently on the market.

With the media continuing to focus on the over-use of plastic, and the consequences to the environment as a result, consumers are far savvier about the unnecessary use of straws and are increasingly unwilling to contribute to the damage that’s being caused, to sea life in particular.

The packaging specialist’s new biodegradable straws are made from high grade material and have been produced to maintain a stable long lasting structur. The white paper straws come in 8mm bore and are suitable for smoothies and shakes. There is also a black 6 mm version that suits all other uses.

David Blake, sales director of 4 Aces explains: “With smaller children and anyone likely to struggle, going without a straw isn’t always an option. This eco-friendly alternative to the plastic straw gives consumers the opportunity to make the right choice and it impacts positively on the sustainability agenda of the seller, whether that’s a pub, a café or any other retail outlet.