Yorkshire Water Services is joining EPDWA

Yorkshire Water Services, part of the Yorkshire Water Utility, is joining the EPDWA (European Point of Use Drinking Water Association), a further sign of its growing influence in shaping the POU Water Cooler Industry.

The EPDWA has more than 150 members, 65% plus of which are Water Cooler/ Vending Distributors.
POU Water Coolers continue to increase their market share of the total Water Cooler Market and all those involved in the POU Industry should consider membership. The EPDWA opens the way to meeting and shaping Industry Standards and the opportunity to participate in a growing part of the market which will remain closed for suppliers who do not comply with strict Hygiene & Installation Standards.

Water is one of the most important foods, and the EPDWA points out that if the industry does not self regulate, the Government will do it for them! For membership information please call 0118 9712298, email: secretariat@epdwa.org or visit www.epdwa.org.