World after COVID-19 report released

Worldline, the specialists in payment and transaction services, has published its ‘World after COVID-19’ report.

The report highlights the trends of the worldwide pandemic, both the immediate impacts and the potential long-term impacts, and presents key takeaways that business leaders may use to start adapting their strategies now to the post pandemic world.

The purpose is to help business leaders start planning for this future today, with the support of Worldline’s insights into how these trends will unfold in the coming years.

Some of the key takeaways of the report that business leaders can use to start adapting their strategies now include:

  • Surviving the economic challenges posed by COVID-19 – businesses are facing essential digitisation of their products, services and internal operations
  • The challenge for retailers is asymmetric: some are seeing reductions in sales, whilst others are facing logistical challenges in keeping up with demand (e.g. home food delivery).
  • Society will expect a new balance between economic output and environmental impact. People will be more accustomed to virtual digital interactions, changing the digital divide: while more people will be comfortable with technology, leaving a smaller minority more excluded.
  • Businesses that start planning and preparing now for the new normal will perform. Those who understand and embrace this new future will thrive, those who do not may struggle to survive.

The ‘World after COVID-19’ report is available in full here.