Westomatic steps up the pace with new machines for drinks and snacks

Westomatic Vending Services is showing all the signs of getting warmed up already for AVEX, with the launch of not one but two new machines in one month. First comes the ‘Sigma’, a new hot and cold drinks unit with 12oz cups and gourmet beverages, and this was followed by the stylish new  ‘SnackPoint Trio’ which can hold 360 cold drink and snack products in a machine just 765mm wide.
In pursuit of the complete ‘coffee-shop experience’, in its new Sigma machine Westomatic has also added the first integrated sip-lid holder, innovative touch-sensitive menus and a new brewing system that produces the finest barista-quality beverages.
Mark Rhodes, Marketing Manager, commented: “If vending operators are to compete for consumers’ hard-earned (and credit-crunched) pennies, a wider menu, 12oz cups and plastic sip-lids are all essentials, but it’s the quality of the beverage itself that will keep customers coming back for more which is where the Sigma excels.”
 ‘Pulsing’ technology
Producing 285cc beverages (the largest available from a vending machine), Westomatic’s unique gravity-fed, paperless brewer uses ‘pulsing’ technology to blend and brew ingredients, resulting in a beverage that tastes like it was made on a traditional 9-bar high-pressure brewing group. The company’s commitment to modular design is also guaranteed to appeal to operators: just one type of brewer is used for fresh brew tea, fresh brew coffee and whole bean coffee to reduce operators’ parts holding, training requirements and operating costs.
Mark added: “It is estimated that over a quarter of businesses are measuring their carbon footprints. Those taking active steps towards energy-efficiency will therefore be delighted with the Sigma’s green credentials which include flash cooling technology, an in-built energy management system and long-life LED lighting (not to mention the efficiency of the low-pressure brewing system) which reduce the Sigma’s energy consumption to a mere 85 Watts per hour, per litre (following EVA EMP guidelines).
“With over 100 machines already in the field following successful trials and evaluations, the Sigma is already proving to be an eco-warrior in the vending industry!”
Expected to appeal to today’s savvy consumers, the Sigma’s stylish ‘tear drop’ moulding, choice of three contemporary back-lit graphics and a sophisticated touch-sensitive menu, bring vending into the 21st century. Mark concluded: “Combine sophisticated consumer appeal with great quality beverages and with the low-overheads of a vending machine and operators have a truly winning combination”.
To help guarantee great quality coffee, Westomatic has teamed up with a reputed coffee roaster to produce the perfect blend for a low-pressure brewing system. With every Sigma dispatched, operators will receive a complimentary 500g pack.
Small in size, big in choice
Innovative new design features including; a large revolving delivery pocket, LED lighting, programmable temperature zones and removable payment module, all place the slim and stylish new SnackPoint Trio among the most versatile vending machines on the market.
With the capacity to hold up to 360 products in a cabinet just 765mm wide, the Trio’s lower zone chills cans and bottles while the upper zone – a few degrees warmer – is perfect for snacks, chocolate and grab-bags. Operators will appreciate the two-piece door and near-silent refrigeration system which is accessible from the front of the machine for easy routine cleaning and maintenance – but, more significantly, single or dual temperature zones can be set through programming alone, without the need for additional dividers or tools.
The Trio’s slim dimensions and removable payment module make light of logistics in narrow locations and the curved fascia house an innovative revolving delivery pocket which, it is claimed, presents vended items at the highest (and widest) delivery point of any vending machine on the market – consumers no longer have to stoop and search for vended products in hard to reach spaces!
About SnackPoint Trio, Mark Rhodes commented: “The Trio incorporates a number of environmentally-friendly design features including; long-life LED lighting (which eliminates the need for regular replacement of fluorescent light tubes), an in-built energy management system, and patented ‘side elevations’ which deliver cool air directly to the products, rather than circulating chilled air through the entire cabinet. All these features make the Trio very economical in terms of energy consumption.
“Operators also have the option of increasing the temperature of their vending machines in order to reduce energy consumption, but who wants warm cans and melting chocolate bars? Economical design philosophy means the Trio already only consumes 255 Watts per hour (following EVA EMP guidelines)”.
Mark concluded: ‘The Trio is the latest offering in the SnackPoint range and operators will find the tried and trusted features such as SecureVend (for guaranteed product delivery).”