Westo on wheels

Leading UK beverage machine manufacturer Westomatic Vending Services has hit the ground running in 2009 with an innovative series of customer roadshows.

Masterminding a logistical jigsaw, Westomatic’s own fleet of delivery trucks transported over 20 machines to three separate hotels in sites in Leeds, Warrington and London, accompanied by a complete technical and sales entourage. Each roadshow location was divided into two dedicated zones, technical and sales, so that bespoke training could be delivered to both engineers and operators.

Mark Rhodes, Marketing Manager at Westomatic, comments: “We wanted to provide an innovative way of supporting our customers at a time when their budgets are stretched. Taking Westomatic to their doorstep meant they could visit us at a time convenient to them and gave them the opportunity to complete full training and product familiarization, without having to interrupt busy work schedules.”

Westomatic’s customers appreciated the on-the-spot approach. Over 25 customer companies attended over the three-week period, with over 80 engineers completing fully certified training. Mark Rhodes added: “Perhaps more importantly, many customers brought their entire operating team for training, with 100 individual route operators and operations managers getting up-close and personal with the new Westomatic range. It was a great way of getting direct customer feedback and the operators told us how impressed they were with the new range, especially the ease of cleaning, simplicity of operating and the low cost of ownership.”

Mark continued: “There were several show-stopping features that generated a real buzz. The new Sigma with a vending capacity of 400 12oz cups was identified as being set to revolutionize our customers’ businesses as it provides a real alternative to the high street coffee take-away. Also showcased on the Sigma was the new integrated sip-lid dispenser. The sip-lid is the ultimate ‘must have’ coffee-to-go accessory for 2009. Customers love them and are willing to pay that little bit extra for them.”