WCD signs exclusive UK distributorship with mask vending firm

The WCD Group has signed an exclusive distributor agreement with German vending firm Flavura, for the sales and supply of mask vending machines and masks (Automask) to UK businesses and local government establishments for consumers to access. Automask represents the future of vending machines for the protection against bacteria and viruses, including the coronavirus.

Face coverings (non-medical) are now compulsory for people using public transport in England from Monday June 15. This move to compulsory face coverings on buses, trains, ferries and planes and the new rules for hospitals, will coincide with a further easing of lockdown restrictions.

Automask is a state-of-the-art stainless steel vending machine described as tamper- and weather-proof for all indoor and outside locations, either free standing or wall mounted.

The vending machine dispenses single-use or reusable cotton face masks with a capacity of around 200 units. It is easy to reload and has a contactless payment system and an optional free-vend for corporates or coin operation, if required.

As the world of retail slowly opens its doors many consumers will feel safer and more comfortable wearing a mask especially when entering an enclosed space.

As seen with PPE products during this pandemic, getting hold of regular supplies can prove difficult for businesses and the public. These vending machines deliver masks conveniently at the point of use to keep the public safe.

Pete Glanville managing director at the WCD Group said: “We are proud to be the exclusive distributor in the UK for the Automask brand utilising our established sales and supply operations. Flavura launched the machine in Germany with huge interest and we are excited about the prospects in the UK. We know that face coverings will help keep us safe and contain the spread of coronavirus and it’s essential that consumers can easily get hold of one when they need it.

“Face coverings are recommended in all public areas of business and retail to protect life and keep us safe as the country starts to ease out of lock down and restart the economy. Mask vending at the point of use is convenient and will enable the public to comply. It’s a perfect solution for consumers at rail stations, airport lounges, corporate offices and receptions areas, retail and shopping malls with round the clock access.”