Waterlogic to acquire PHS Waterlogic in the UK, Ireland & Netherlands

waterlogicWaterlogic has entered into an agreement to acquire PHS Waterlogic, the long established UK water cooler division of PHS Group.

PHS Waterlogic exclusively distributes Waterlogic manufactured and branded point-of-use water coolers in the UK, Ireland and the Netherlands, and adds a total of c. 90,000 POU water coolers on rental and service contracts to Waterlogic’s existing operations.

The UK business of PHS Waterlogic will be merged with bottled water and point-of-use business Angel Springs, acquired by Waterlogic in December 2014. The combined Waterlogic UK operation aims to deliver unparalleled service to the workplace hydration market, with the most comprehensive offer in point-of-use water coolers, bottled water coolers, and under-the-sink filtration systems.

“The UK business of PHS Waterlogic is an excellent strategic fit with our existing Angel Springs footprint,” said John Dundon, CEO of Angel Springs. “The combination of national reach with local density will ensure we are able to continue serving our new and existing customers in the best possible way.”


Jeremy Ben-David, founder and Group CEO of Waterlogic, added: “The creation of a very significant Waterlogic UK operation, able to deliver excellent service nationally and locally, represents a substantial milestone on Waterlogic’s path towards becoming the most preferred supplier for workplace drinking water.”