Waterlogic provide Drinking Water for the COP 15 Climate Conference

Ensuring that delegates were refreshed with clean, purified drinking water from a truly sustainable source throughout the conference, the COP 15 chose to install Waterlogic water dispensers to provide drinking water for all 19,000 plus delegates for the Copenhagen event.

Waterlogic was asked to install forty of its premium Waterlogic 4 water coolers at the Bella Center venue. These dispensers ensured that the conference attendees had a clean source of cold and sparkling drinking water to fuel them through the duration of the conference.

Aligned with its goals toward promotion and support of sustainable solutions as embodied by the Sustainable Food initiative at the COP 15, the Conference opted for Waterlogic plumbed-in water dispensers, which purify the existing tap water supply at the point of dispense, rather than other water alternatives such as bottled water, which has received much recent backlash and negative media attention. The decision to choose Waterlogic dispensers “implies a considerable energy saving advantage because production, transportation and disposal of water bottles will be avoided,” according to the COP 15.

The newly released Waterlogic 4 model water dispenser, in particular, achieves new levels of drinking water purification through cutting edge technology whilst consuming drastically less energy than other water dispensers in its class, making it the environmental choice for drinking water. Described as ‘The New Benchmark’ in the industry, it enhances the existing Waterlogic range of water dispensers, all designed with environmental impact and long-term sustainability in mind.

Jeremy Ben-David, Waterlogic founder and CEO, stated, “There is great synergy in Waterlogic involvement in the COP 15. The very nature of our products and technology is to attain a sustainable and superior water solution whilst replacing other water alternatives that do not achieve that same result. We were pleased to be the drinking water provider of the COP 15.”