Water filtration/purification systems new to UK

H2O International UK has been established as the sole UK distributor of a water filtration/ purification system at the heart of a range of water filtering products for commercial and domestic use with a pedigree of proven success in the USA and South Africa over the past 20 years.

A patented bacteriostatic media and a natural carbon combine to remove over 100 EPA listed contaminants. The use of KDF 55 NSF-listed media along with the highest quality coconut shell granular activated carbon ensures the most effective removal of chlorine and other contaminants present in water.

The product line to be introduced into the UK will include countertop and undersink water purifiers in replaceable cartridge and sealed models, with the undersink option of a sediment prefilter, 3-way filter taps and whole-house and commercial sink purifiers.  Replacement cartridges for the range will be available along with a line of advanced air deodorising and purifying systems.

Sean Honeywell, Director of H2O claimed: “The longevity of our systems is 5 x longer than other system currently available on the market and that our cost per litre of pure water is 0.08p per litre which is over 500 X cheaper than buying bottled water”

Further information from: Sean Honeywell on 0845 459 9973, e: sean@h2ointernationaluk.com, www.h2ointernationaluk.com.