Visitors to the London Coffee Festival learn a lot about coffee

Gareth Davies, UCC Coffee’s head of coffee excellence, hosts UCC Coffee’s immersive roastery experience

At the London Coffee Festival (April 6 to 9), Brita Professional and Coffee Masters hosted a number of specially developed sessions to help operators understand water and its impact on the coffee recipe.

Operators were taken through a bespoke tasting session by Rob Dunne, barista and founding partner/ director of Old Spike Roastery. This session enabled those attending to discover how water affects the taste, flavour, aroma and appearance of coffee.

In addition to this, Brita’s team of experts walked visitors through how to use their water hardness test kits with guided tutorials.

As the official sponsor of the event, Brita provided SCAE specification water for speciality coffee, and ensured that both competitors and exhibitors received optimum water throughout the festival.

Also at the four-day event, UCC Coffee UK & Ireland and Hotel Chocolat partnered to help visitors discover the similarities and differences between coffee and chocolate.