Vending IoT solution MatiPay wins CES 2019 Award

MatiPay, the mobile payment and telemetry system designed for the vending industry has won a CES Innovation Award in Las Vegas for the second time.

MatiPay converts vending machines into smart sales points supplying various typologies of goods and services in a multi-channel perspective.

MatiPay has been installed on more than 40,000 vending machines and already involves more than 500,000 consumers, who can use their smartphone to take a coffee and transfer money.

Thanks to a telemetry module, that can be installed in a few minutes, MatiPay offers exclusives features for operators in the vending industry.

One of the features that most attracted the CES jury is the “virtual wallet” which makes it possible to top-up the app wallet with both credit cards and cash, by using coin boxes and banknote readers with which vending machines are equipped.

Credit can then be used to take a coffee or a snack as well as to purchase digital goods and services such as travel tickets, telephone top-ups and coupons for online shops.