Vending into the future

Italian vending is inextricably linked to the three key players in the market – manufacturers, producers and managers – many of whom will be attending fieramilanocity from June 6 to 9, 2018 for Venditalia – the international event for automatic vending services.

The event, organised by Venditalia Servizi and promoted by Confida – an Italian association for the vending machine industry – is a showcase event for the vending industry expected to attract over 20,000 visitors.

The exhibition will be an opportunity to talk about the future of vending services and the opportunities presented.

Italy, which has had vending machines since 1963, is considered one of the world leaders for the vending sector thanks to the calibre of manufacturers of vending machines, dispensing machines and payment systems, prestigious brands of products and service management companies who have modern and innovative business models.

However, since 1963 vending machines have become a lot smarter. Now, the future of the sector is linked to a simple mechanism that will guarantee an increasingly instant service, thanks to internet connection.

In fact, a machine can communicate in real time with a centralised management system, reporting on its operation, which products have been sold, the status of its stock and even the payments received. New smart automatic dispensers are equipped with various sensors that can keep track of the temperature inside the machine or detect any malfunctions in the delivery of the product.

These features also greatly facilitate the organisation of maintenance and servicing. The ability to know when to go to a specific customer to fix a problem or to arrange restocking makes this process more efficient and cheaper.

Payments with credit cards or other payment systems that require a real-time verification are possible, while it is also possible to choose a product via a smartphone, pay and withdraw the products purchased at the nearest available vending machine.

The Venditalia event will showcase examples of all of the above and have some answers and insights into this rapidly transforming sector.