Vending helps employees eat more healthily

refreshment-left-to-right-paul-newton-%28ceo-car-care-plan%29%2c-david-goodchild-%28car-care-plan%29%2c-debbie-edwards-%28rsl%29Refreshment Systems (RSL) was recently chosen by Bradford based company Car Care Plan to supply all of their hot beverage and vending requirements. As part of the process, RSL was aware of the customer’s values to promote a healthy lifestyle with their employees, and as a result RSL offered the company a ‘lucky cup’ competition with a twist.

The first three months (following installation) saw the launch of the healthy eating competition, where employees could win a selection of prizes by selecting one of the healthier options in the vending and hot beverage machines.

Darren Fletcher, facilities manager said: “The competition drove conversation between employees and encouraged them to take an interest in the new machines, helping to increase sales. Month one saw ten employees win pedometers from lucky cups in the hot beverage machine and month two awarded one employee with a Fitbit Flex after receiving a lucky sticker on their healthy snack (out of the vending machine). The final month (month three) was focused on the cold drinks machine and saw the winning employee receive a bike (of their choice), just in time for the good weather! We loved the competition as it promoted our company values with employees, encouraging healthy eating and awareness of a healthier lifestyle. The support that we received from RSL throughout the competition has exceeded our expectations and we look forward to the next initiative.” said Darren.