TWIST – the Big Solution for the Small Office

A compact convenient easy vend solution tailor-made to provide Snacks and Beverages to the European small location vending (SLV) industry, the Twist machine fits neatly into any corner, table or counter-top in the office space.

Twist distributors simply install a TWIST dispenser, fill it with a selection of the market’s best selling snacks, and watch revenues soar! Anything that fits, can be vended – Snacks, Soft Drinks, Cookies, Chewing Gum, Vitamin Rich Cereal Bars, Dried Fruit or other products can be sold 24 hours a day, when and where your customer needs them most.

Twist businesses throughout Europe are currently averaging sales of almost 3 products per machine per day at a cost of €1 per product.

This equates to additional revenues of €60 per point of sale per month. The Twist machine which costs up to 5 times less than a traditional vending machine, is considerably more cost effective and requires less than 60 vends per month to become a very profitable addition to your existing vending business. In addition many of Europe’s key Snacks and Confectionery suppliers are prepared to subsidise the purchase price of each Twist machine in return for distributors guaranteeing to sell a fixed volume of their snacks through the Twist machine.