The tick of quality

New certificates will be issued to AVA members in 2009, confirming both that the company is an AVA member and that it holds AVA Quality System accreditation.

Members will be able to use the AVA Certificates in many different ways on their websites and in literature. Valid for 2009, they highlight to current and potential customers that they are part of AVA and continue to achieve (or exceed) the rigorous requirements of the AVA Quality System.

AVA plans to support the launch of the new document with an email broadcast campaign to vending specifiers, so that they are aware of the new certificate and the need to look for the AVA logo when selecting a vending supplier.

The AVA Quality System is based on ISO 9000:2001, but goes beyond that standard by requiring that companies meet vending-specific requirements. Annual audits are conducted by AVA Quality Co-ordinators who are fully qualified auditors complete with vending expertise. For vending operators audits include assessment and monitoring of route operators and machine audits.

Thus, customers can be assured that they can trade with confidence with an AVA member.  Customers are being advised to look for the new AVA Certificate or the AVA logo as the tick of quality.