The Recession has struck Vending hard

The European Vending market has suffered significant declines and is back at 2003 values with most of the decline resulting from a reduction in throughput.

* Datamonitor’s KPI Market Update 2009


In this update report, Datamonitor, in conjunction with the EVA, investigates the impact of the recession on the vending industry’s performance across Europe in 2009. Use this key data to understand the extent of the impact and to begin to plan for future development.

Key questions answered in the 2009 KPI market update

• How have the retail sales value of key vending ingredients (hot drinks, canned and bottled drinks snacks) been affected in 2009?

• How has machine park changed?

• Who are top 5 operators each country across Europe how their market share by recession?

• What were developments throughput, selling price and profitability in 2009?

• What does the outlook for 2010 look like and what kind of strategies and tactics are likely to be implemented?

“As workplace is most significant channel for vending, unemployment rates have had a serious effect on throughput. Industrial workplaces have been particularly hard hit, not only due to a reduced workforce, but also because of permanent plant and factory closures, and far reduced operating times”

* Quote from Vending Operator, The European Association’s (EVA) KPI Update, 2009