The latest offering from In Cup Plus – the Podule is launched

In Cup Plus, makers of the innovative Xen range of automatic drinks vending systems, launch their latest offering. Set to open a new, untapped market for businesses who would never have considered a drinks vending system before the introduction of the PODULE

Aimed squarely at the ‘tin to spoon’ market, PODULE is a simple, no fuss method for the small to medium sized business to dispense ingredients into a cup quickly, hygienically with no waste.

Barry Marks, Managing Director explains: “Our market research showed there are a vast number of smaller businesses using jars or packets of instant products, ranging from milk and sugar to coffee. In most cases people were buying the larger 500g tins. What you ended up with was a myriad of several open tins with damp spoons stuck in them. Apart from the mess, wastage and unprofessional image, the main issue is that once opened the product begins to go stale and lose flavour. There is a resealable lid – in practice these are never used.”

PODULE is a neat and easy way to dispense a full range of ingredients into a mug or cup. Consisting of three stations, the PODULE can be set to dispense any of your favourite coffees, milk, sugar, chocolate, soups – in fact anything you want! Customers can order replacement cartridges online – choosing from established brands such as Nescafe, Kenco, Cadburys and many others.