The future is responsible vending

The Millennium Project, with a world-wide reputation for sustainable development, purchases vending machines for their ethical and environmentally-friendly nature.
The Eden Project, a £140 million development in the South West of England, designed to ‘explore ways of bringing together science, art, technology and commerce to create sustainable futures’, has purchased Kenco & Rainforest Alliance branded Solo Encores from UK manufacturer: Westomatic Vending Services.
Mark Hyatt, Technical Services Director at the Eden Project commented; “We endeavour, where possible, to source products through a sustainable supply chain. Quality products and sustainable development are all key values we look for in a supplier. Every purchase is carefully considered and supply chains have to meet high standards of economic viability and social acceptability”.
Westomatic’s responsible attitude to environmentally-friendly vending includes the use of recycled materials, the removal of all energy-zapping light tubes and the introduction of a unique in-built energy management system (which reduces power consumption by up to 30 per cent and reduces boiler temperature during inactive periods).  With a handy ‘own mug or cup’ facility and permanent refillable ingredient canisters on all hot beverage machines, there has been a further reduction in packaging and waste. In addition, Westomatic delivers machines in long-life reusable casing – pallet, shrink wrap and card-board free.
Tom Bolitho of Select Vending, who was instrumental in securing the deal added: ‘The vending industry has survived the healthy vending debate but there is, understandably, a growing consumer interest in ethical and sustainable vending. Manufacturers today have a responsibility to be proactive in terms of the environmental products – whether it’s shortening logistics paths, recycling or creating new technologies to further improve the end product. Westomatic have achieved these goals which make their machines ideal for the Eden Project’.